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Growing our Economy – Important Steps

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By Jack L. Fischer, AIA

As an Architect of thirty years, an investor, past Commerce Secretary, and financial consultant to many developers, I continue to be aware of several needs in a number of important initiatives.

Briefly, Wisconsin and other Midwest states are working hard to launch programs that help to grow and foster jobs and ease the complications of new developments. Today, more than ever, with the demands and complications of financing due to new bank regulations, a streamlined work process with all parties involved is critical to improve success. At Engberg Anderson Architects (EA), we promote an alignment process for all parties when we work with our clients. This critical foundation and teaming approach ensures from the onset a productive and successful result for all parties and clients.

We observe many good things underway in the majority of Midwestern states, including simplifying and streamlining regulations, repealing some of the taxes on job creation, upgrading available economic tools, and reinforcing business, university, and technical school collaboration. All of these efforts help investors and developers bring about growth in the Midwest by adding new energy and new jobs.

In Wisconsin, our home state, many of the traditional industries define our heritage and will be critical in strengthening our future. At the same time, major new sectors including manufacturing, biotechnology, medical device manufacturing, medical healthcare systems, and world-renowned research – just to name a few – are advancing the cause and this demand generates new opportunities for developers.

All of this growth creates work for professionals such as developers, architects, engineers, contractors, accountants, attorneys and others. This in turn will instigate growth throughout our Midwest economy. These groups of teaming professionals have passion and innovative imaginations, and our firm’s balanced approach helps bring prosperity to their ventures. We are helping to design and promote some of the most advanced buildings and facilities in the country.

Our consultant team works hard to help with expanding networks and partnerships, while supporting with great design, lean thinking and common sense green initiatives. While studying the work processes of our user groups and helping to improve the flow and success of our professional and business users, we are very fortunate to be recognized and honored as one of the most award-winning firms in the Midwest. The primary reason for our success is the teaming focus that we place on our clients’ goals in the completion of great projects.

We are finding that in this knowledge-driven innovation of our clients’ specialized work and needs, that research and innovation of design and development will continue to be necessary for exceptional results and future growth. We are a firm that invests in our own research, selects word class talent, and works to improve our clients’ results at all steps of the work process. This authentic approach helps to grow our economy. We would enjoy a brief conversation about how our EA team can inspire your mission and purpose.