Midwest Entreprenuers

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As an Architect of thirty years, an investor, past Commerce Secretary, and financial consultant to many developers, I continue to promote the entrepreneurial needs of our Midwest States. I started my first business in high school – design and construction – and I was mentored by my Father and a group of his partners and friends. This type of mentorship is critical to continue to promote our Midwest region growth and new ideas for employment. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois all have entrepreneurial networks that are important to support. Our regional success will create a long term impact for economic growth. The stronger the region, the better the Midwest will compete within the nation and across the globe. This will grow our economy and the States will prosper over time.

Most of our Midwest States’ leaders are strong supporters of entrepreneurial development, however more funding and company leadership needs to be involved for long term impact and success. New business creates new processes, products and services that open new markets for the Midwest. Regional collaboration is an important economic development tool and we are wise to support and promote these individual ideas. Regional centers in each state, such as colleges, technical schools and intake centers, all promote the new ideas. Bureaus of entrepreneurship should continue to be promoted to help excite, message and promote the accomplishments of our creative inventors and investors across our Midwest states. Attracting investments and support to high tech startup companies is important for continued growth in our States. The knowledge-driven economy will produce the higher paying jobs of the future.

Technology start -ups require long lead times and usually substantial amounts of investment to get them up and running. We need to continue to support and attract venture and angel investors for the growth. As the states continue to look at innovative steps to support these individuals we need to support, mentor, take chances and help to reward the daring new business leaders that will prove over time that solutions, ideas and products are just beyond the horizon. All of us need to strengthen the collaboration and partnership support for these Midwest ventures. We are a firm that invests and supports this long range thinking and we appreciate your support as well. It will pay off over time.